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DJ Chlorophil


DJ Chlorophil

Chlorophil hails to us from the US, consider him an outsider though!! currently living in the San Francisco Bay djing many fine events all over the bay!! Chlorophil grew up listening to whatever he can get his hands on from his father's cassette collection to his neighbors duped tapes of early rock n roll acts from the 80's early 90's. throughout high school Rap music was preferred listening!! Chlorophil amasses a collection of over 1,000 rap cds! after a bit the scene got watered down, not sure because of the technology or what, but it seems that the music quality declined!! Chlorophil was so immersed in music that he ends up managing The wherehouse, a local music retail store!! it was there that i was turned onto some quality electronica acts such as Bjork, Portishead, Goldie, DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, Propellerheads and others. tuned into the new sounds coming out and realizing how crap rap has become Chlorophil ends up selling his cd collection at once, getting enough funds to accumulate some turntables!! then chlorophil started getting into vinyl, currently Chlorophil has a collection of over 1500 records!! Chlorophil is an oppurtunitist of many sorts and often comes up with some whacky ideas!! after accumulating so much vinyl he decides to sell them all at once as well!! seeing how much of success it was to sell my cds it was a challenge to sell vinyl!! it was only last summer that Chlorophil started off a record store in his hometown of San Jose partnering up with one of his close friends in Japantown!! experimenting with the vinyl scene and it shows that vinyl is slowing down rapidly!! it is pretty rare to find a vinyl dj these days!! the selection offered was to much of a fine choice for many!! just surveying what was selling out of his collection kinda predicts certain things!! the whole idea of selling his records was wanting to help spread some nice music that most people never heard of!! well after a summer of setting up shop and doing poorly in sales, Chlorophil decides to take back his vinyl!! Chlorophil decides that its easier to make money on the road being at the festivals and parties where the music is at!!!! so after a year hiatus Chlorophil decides to run more of a cd shop, after missing for a second Chlorophil reopens a shop in Santa Cruz located within the Giza Hookah Lounge!! currently he just finshed his first big show of the year at the new Giza in Santa Cruz and will continue to bring in a quality live electronic musicians, in which you can purchase their cd in the shop!! a good way to promote the artists to the local community!! this is only the beginning for Chlorophil as his adventures are starting to go underway this year!!! Chlorophil is all about supporting the arts and discovering new ventures!! Chlorophil currently spins world grooves and is sponsored by many great labels! Chlorophil has been at many events like Symbiosis, Shambhala (2004), freakers ball (Raindance), and currently about to do the Lunar Sun gathering in the Mojave desert with the Terrakroma Crew for the Spring Equinox, a monthly party called Resonance, weeklies at some nice restauraunts and hookah lounges! also Chlorophil is currently working on some production and maybe one day will see the light for that as well!! you can check out 2 of his tracks already in this one documentary called Divine Nectar put out by the Tantric Circus!!
you can check out for all the latest gatherings and events in store for the future!!
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