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Crying Freeman
Crying Freeman

Crying Freeman is a talent up- coming dj-producer from Athens. He is 25 years old and he is involved with the electronic music from the age of fifteen.
He worked for 3 years at Virgin Recordstores in Greece as a sales manager something that gave him the opportunity to expand his music horizons and his music collection. His first influence was the music radio station Life FM a radio station who from the early '90s influenced and introduced the electronic music to many people in Athens. He was influenced from the rave culture of this period and he started collecting music.

He played as a dj in greek festivals and also in clubs around Athens like Almodobar ,Astron ,and in Crete too. He participated at the Samothraki Gathering at the chill-out stage along with names like Vibrashere , Odo ,IXOR, Alkan Ruller and many more


Download Chill out mix: Origins (Jan. 2008, 153 mb)

01.evan bartholomew-we set out into caverns of time
04.chilled cquence-uhc
05.el zisco-kochman
06.architect-let the bastards get away cult-z51
08.younger brother-your friends are scary
10.architect-a perfect kiss,no tongue
11.i awake-new time nomads
13.baboo forest-nag champa
14.el zisco-beat box
15.underwolrd-beautiful burnout
16.saafi brothers-under the stars
17.feuerhake-the key(en voice rmx)


Download Chill out mix: Beginning of (May 2007, wma 107 mb, 119 min.)

Between Interval - Garden
Mimesis - White
Architect - Postgate
TenMadison - After the cut
Capsula - Don't wake up
Taruna - Invisble world
Mystical Sun - The magnetic ocean
Neuromantic Trance - Zenwords
Omnimotion - Observer
Unstable Elements - Waht do yu want to forget
Midivel Pundits - 136
Chilled c'quence - The legacy
Envoice - It's a dream
Robert Leiner - Beginning of the end
Bickley o Forell - 3rdworld
Mystical Sun - Innerworld
Robert Rich - Whispers of eden
Aes Dana - Manifold

Download Chill out mix, December 2006

1) Maitreya - Insula
2) A.I.A - Forest Evolving
3) Omnimotion - Being
4) Koan - Sirens
5) Alucidnation - Skygazer (3002 rmx)
6) Rena Jones - Autumn
7) Alex Scheffer - Sparkley Area
8) Pitch Black - Empty Spaces Missing Units
9) Tripswitch - Tachyon
10) U-Recken - Aquayic Serenade
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