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Capsula - Synthesis of reality
Catalogue nr.: AJACD003
Releasedate: 07-11-2005
EAN code:4260089560055
Artwork by Dreampaint
Synthesis of Reality

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Psychedelic downtempo trance. The album opens with a female voice bemoaning "I don't know who I am," quickly progressing into a frenetic collage of synthetic ephemera in all manner of sonic shapes and sizes. Sequenced phrases, voice samples, squirting-echoing effects and strong rhythms are propelled by bright basses and busy percussion patterns - all stirred into a heady electronic brew. Capsula is not really into melodies you can hum - his creations are more of a dizzying auditory experience. There are a lot of staccato sounds on the top level - gated, generated rapid-fire, repeated, delayed - all adding to the complexity of the mix. On the other hand there are a few more organic sound sources such as the oriental violin on 'Human Mentality' laid out alongside an eastern scale, juxtaposed to the squeal of computer created effects.

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