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VA - A Magical Journey 2
Catalogue nr.: AJACD005
Releasedate: 01-05-2006
EAN code:4260089560109
Compiled by Mouka
A Magical Journey 2

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Ajana Records is pleased to announce the second compilation in the chill-out serie A Magical Journey.
The Magical Journey 2 goes further where the first journey ended. Ajana Records presents a tracklist with mostly label artsists but also newcomers in the chill-out scene.
Starting the Journey with Electrypnose vs Ecalypt, a blend of electronic music and didgeridoo starting of in an ambient sphere and taking it into chill-out music. Olien from Germany surprises us with Ozeanic, psychedelic soundscapes on a soft rhythm. Chronos from Russia is on with Sky Path, a journey full with layers of emotional sounds, followed by Unstable Elements with a more mystical approach on chill-out.
Next is Atriohm, the chill-out brothers from Macedonia and they take it up a level with more percussions and Asian influence. The Dice Man from Capsula is a floating track with atmospheric percussion and synths. Procs doing it with synths only, a Fascinating Superhero trip with melodic sounds. Just after Psyfactor released his Endless Universe album he treats us with a long track, building up the atmosphere for a rhythmic high and ending in ambient spheres. Last track is a crossover from chill-out to trip-hop by Zoe Wheelings, this will end the journey with a happy and uplifing song.
The Magical Journey 2 represents the typical Ajana Records style and will please many ears with these new and well known producers.
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