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Objekt4 - Space Jungle Slums
Catalogue nr.: AJACD008
Media Format: Audio CD / Jewel case
Releasedate: 28-09-2007
EAN code: 4260089560178
Artwork and mastering by Anders Peterson
Download infosheet (pdf, 112 kb)

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Objekt4 was formed in 2003, to explore the fields of ambient music. The sound of Objekt4 ranges from bleak industrial ambient to downbeat chillout tracks. Hovering around the fine line between music and ambience, the fine line between reality and fiction.

Experimenting with and re-arranging sounds of everyday life, creating shape-shifting forms of unknown dimensions.

The "Space Jungle Slums" cd consists of two sessions recorded between 2005-2006, rooted in the realms of experimental chilled downbeat music. The title consists of one word from which each session was built upon.

All music composed, recorded and mastered by Anders Peterson.

Style: Ambient

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