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DJ Mistique  

Mistique is Neno born and living In Macedonia. His first contact with electronic music was so early he can’t remember it exactly. He started with psytrance music in early 98 and ever since then he is involved with it. He was involved in some local parties as psytrance dj but that was a short time. After a long period of partying, psying and so on he was involved in the psytrance family and music. But it seemed that he was still something missing. He got kind of bored bored with the psytrance music so in early 2000 he discovered psychill music and the whole range of ambient music. Never the less he started with the music of Jean Michel Jarre and Brian Eno, that was like a blessing for him and his taste for music. Since then he discovered the true power of ambient music and what it did to him he can't describe. So he came more and more involved in this music and wanted to contribute even more to promote this sound as much as he can, that’s how he started playing chill music. Basically he likes to play psychill music, that is the style he prefers the most, but he plays a variety of ambient music Downbeat, Atmospheric, World fusion, Dub...Untill now he has never tried to produce his own music but maybe some day h'll try that. He is involved in the work of Cosmicleaf Records (a chillout label from Greece for which he plays chillout music for more than 1 year now) and also in the work of I.C.F.S. (organization from Macedonia for psyparties) and last but not least he is involved in the work of one Macedonian psytrance portal (psy forum) as a moderator. He has played with known psytrance producers like Ocelot, Atriohm, Braincell, Imaginary Sight, Yudhisthira, Master Margaritha, Filteria…and so on. Ambient music is the sound that puts a smile on your face, giving you positive emotions and helps you get rid of negative energy and bad memories.

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