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After working for many years with sound design, film music, sound recording, mastering / remastering, acoustic design and also as a musician (guitars / bass) I eventually found the most rewarding personal experience from the sounds of nature (water, wind, fire, earth), with its endless variation and amazing organic qualities, constantly evolving, and by capturing (recording) ambience from certain places I finally obtained sounds that had massive potential to be truly *original* and *unique* to myself. The next step was to combine these recordings with musical instruments and "approaches", through digitally coded cross-synthesis, hybrid sounds carefully sculpted by hand. Creating *MUSICAL AMBIENCE* rather than ambient music. Guitars / bass being the main instrumentation so far, this direction is taken for relapxych.0. relapxych.00 is a more rhythmic, beat oriented variation of relapxych.0, combining experimental minimal rhythm with vocals.

Upcoming release: Pharmaceptic (Edit 1); release date: 2008.

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