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Welcome to our artist and booking page. You can find extended information on all the artists by clicking on the photograph. We will be most happy to provide you with an artist, please use thew bookingform below.
Here you find our pool of live performancers and click here for artists appearing on our compilation releases.
(click on images for more info)
A.I.A.   Capsula Capsula   Chronos Chronos
C.J. Catalizer C.J. Catalizer   Electrypnose Electrypnose   Frechbax Frechbax


  Objekt4 Objekt4   Olien Olien
Psyfactor Psyfactor   relapxych.00 Relapxych.00   Senzar Senzar
Unstable Elements Unstable Elements   Zoe Wheelingz Zoe Wheelingz      
(click on images for more info)
Chronos Shankar (ru) DJ Senzar Senzar (dk) Crying Freeman Crying Freeman (gr)
Ovnimoon Ovnimoon (cl) DDJ Chlorophil Chlorophil (us) DJ Mouka Mouka (nl)
Mistique (mk) DJ ZawHeR (bg)    
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