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Capsula - Synthesis of reality AJACD003
Review, written by Damion from

Bloody hell. I was very, very impressed with this album. On the face of it, it’s sample-packed chillage with a strong bent towards the cosmic. A bit like early Astralasia, if you see what I mean. However, somehow it actually works. Yes: despite having heavy doses of McKenna, Alan Watts, and David Icke interspersed, it’s a fucking great CD. Musically, some of this is just inspired. Jazz-like playing on the keyboards really frees the sound up, and it’s the sort of thing you can either have running in the background, or you can listen-into and get taken on a journey. What’s key here, and what makes it for my money, is that Capsula really BELIEVES in what he’s doing. There’s not even a trace of “let’s cash in” or “let’s imitate x and y and z”. There’s a passage on the CD Booklet inspired by Castaneda, unashamedly pushing the message that life is a dream and that there’s more to reality than 9-5. Synthesis of Reality took a cynical old pragmatist and got him back to those lovely metaphysical moments years ago; and I can’t remember the last time an album “opened my mind” in this way. The belief, conviction, sincerity and wonder Capsula has in his subject matter, combined with his superlative musical skills, make this a definite winner.

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