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Psyfactor - Endless universe AJACD004
Review, written by Paul, Morpheus Music


Pure, spacey electronica with a chilled psytrance aesthetic. The Psyfactor sound is one of layered synths with plenty of rippling arps and repeated motifs, smooth pads constantly unfolding below. The pace varies across Endless Universe from beatless ambience where the sound twinkles, lustrous and drifting, to some quite upbeat danceable pieces. The mix is quite rich with some attractive interludes and wind-downs at the end of a number of tracks. Despite the almost complete absence of any organic sound sources, Psyfactor still maintains a human feel, especially during the low-key regions where rhythms and arpeggios fragment into dreamy lightness.


The squeaky clean sound aptly suggests the space connection that Psyfactor is after here - high quality effects maintaining and enhancing the imagery. There is a clear European heritage to the sound here though reflecting the artist's roots. The mood progresses from floatational expanses, breathing, glittering through pulsing basslines and cycling patterns where a restless business develops and the tempo lifts considerably. The trance elements gather around the central part of the CD - at times energetic and mechanical. Useless Planets, on the other hand, is a blissful trip on lush pads and a restful groove. The album becomes increasingly airborne toward the end where the dynamic and percussive aspects of the sound give way to a gentle melodic ambience.


In keeping with the vision for the album, the artwork features spacescapes and planetary orbs all bathed in deep greens and blues. The front cover holds a hazy portrait - contemplative against the stars and graphic sky maps overlaid. The reverse is quite beautiful - multi-layered spheres and nebulae glowing against an infinite vacuum. Track titles are here and again inside the booklet. Thanks and contact details also are found within where another montage of galactic items almost conceals a second portrait


Psyfactor is Russian born Dmitri Korablin, currently resident in Moscow. Dmitri releases this album through respected chill label Ajana Records who describe his usual sound as "hard and dark twisted with kicking drums and fat basslines". Here he explores his more tranquil side following a successful contribution to the compilation 'A Magical Journey'. Endless Universe is not the first full-length Psyfactor release - a previous album appeared in 2005 on Trishula Records.

Who will like this

Endless Universe will suit fans of space music that would like to hear more psytrance elements in the mix than Berlin school references. This CD covers a variety of bpm's and so is suitable for night-time listeners wanting something easy on the nerves and invigorating in equal measures.

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