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Electrypnose - Subliminal Melancholies, AJACD0006
Review, Written by Mike, Ambient Music Guide

Ajana Music put out a v.a compilation a few years ago called A Magical Journey highlighted by a ghostly piece of slow breaks called "Perce Orielle" by Swiss artist aka Electrypnose. Now comes this stunning new album which completely fulfils that track's promise.

Subliminal Melancholy is dark, glistening and beautiful and sounds unlike anything in psychedelic chill right now. Ghostly synth chords and haunting melody lines move and morph like oil in a lava lamp, defying gravity as they glide through shadowy passages and circle under threatening skies. The mood is positively gothic at times ala early Delerium, such as "New Wave" with its doomy piano figures and unresolved chord changes. The beats are an odd and varied concoction of slow to mid-tempos influenced by breaks, techno, dub and drum'n'bass, sometimes pulled part and reconstructed with striking originality.

The music casts long shadows - Electrypnose is rather fond of minor keys - yet it falls well short of morbid gothic indulgence or avant noise. Excellent melodic writing is what gives these twilight atmospheres and meticulous sound design the necessary colour and emotion. Melancholy is a good thing it seems. One of the most original and compelling psy-ambient releases I've heard in a long time. Rating: 5/5

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