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Khooman - Is a flexible liquid, AJACD007
Review, written by Mattski, Revolve Magazine, summer 2007

Edward Khooman seems to have a few trippy tricks up his sleeves with his debut album for Ajana Records. We are treated to eight tracks of lysergic down-tempo ambient from the Russian artist who starts bending your into shape with delicious meldoies, curling sounds and sofa-friendly beats.
There is a distinctly magical atmosphere to many of the tracks and I felt encouraged to sit back and smile whilst I wobbled into Khooman's web of shimmering digital sounds. There are plenty of playful acidic riffs and soothing tones which excite the mind and despite the fact that most of the tracks stay under 100bpm you wil be dancing and sliding as they unfold. I love the chirping acid of "Let me out" and the oily tubular sounds on "It's only dust on the road". The last track "Shaman desert" weaves into the air with hypnotising percusions and layers of silk completing a memorable experience.

A fantastic debut album.

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