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Khooman - Is a flexible liquid, AJACD007
Review, written by Trance-it magazine, issue june/july 2007

Now it is the turn of Edward Khooman  with his album “ Is a flexible Liquid “ to back up on behalve of  the stamp of Ajana Records.
In this album you find something to relax your feelings you experienced in your life until the top of excessive movements we are actually living in.
This production is made of eight tracks which probably translate the different emotional states of mind, in its very own way. It is kind of a mix of ambient and chill out music.
After all Eward is not stagnant at all in his production, all the time he keeps on using different ways which take us to further states of mind.
Khoomann is producing since 2000 and playing on parties since 2005.
He is a new talent taking his inspiration of listening to psychedelic chill out music.
It is   melodic disc, relaxing, original in which you can hear instruments way out of being common.
A history in which you explore all the deepest feelings you have hidden inside you.
Edward creates you a world and it seems to be easier to explore it all. He gives you the possibility to find the sound of your soul.

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