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Khooman - Is a flexible liquid, AJACD007
Review, written by João Branco, Goagadar magazine, issue june/september 2007

The essence of this release is detached by the smoothness and freshness of the sound. A lot of contrasts are used to mix the hottest and deepest sounds wioth others, supposedly cold and sober. The rythyms are quite original, to say the least and away from the pattern that's beginning to show up too often in chill-out rleaeses.

The first two tracks follow a philosophy that I deem to be very identical, where the cntrast between bass and acute sounds is phenomenal (and excessive!),. If the first two both have a bass that stands out for its deepness, the hird one does not bend te rule only this time it's a guitar that's responsible for the fresh air breeze one feels listening to it.

Throughout the third track, the beat gegins to loose that supreme originality and appears to row onto a more danceable slope. "Let me out" has a very interesting beginning, brightly put to use to change the direction of an introspective trip. The 5th track, "Fly", is my favourite for three reasons: the excellent audio edition, the extreme positive feeling it conveys and because it reminds me of Goa in th eold days.

Next we have an exaggeratedly melodic track, allthough with an original psychedelic character. Track 7 has a very quiet and relaxing start, evolving to a very interesting slope. At this stage, the cold sounds eventually become superb, both by their essence as their combination with the other sounds. As to the last track, well it's the longest and most interesting of the whole album.

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