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Ambient Intelligent Application - Physical Moments, AJACD010
Review, Written by Paul, Morpheusmusic

Lush electronica and ambient downtempo. Ambient Intelligent Application (A.i.A.) create deep freeform soundworlds of strongly saturated colour; there is something of a sense that almost anything might emerge from within the mix on these tracks - sweeping strings, moody piano, disturbed voices, cycling ethnic vocals and plenty of less easily distinguishable sounds. The music is mostly built around richly layered atmospheres of synthetic pads and reverberating effects wherein smooth chord progressions gradually emerge rising and falling like gentle waves. Programmed beats stir these musical pools into motion - downtempo grooves that give a feeling of purposeful direction to the less tightly structured meanderings of the music.

These colourful, psychedelic sound constructs spiral and flow with mesmerising intensity - the effect is bewilderingly hypnotic. Like sonic kaleidoscopes, disparate patterns and luminous pieces come together, form into regularity, shift and reform - Physical Moments is constantly on the move. At times the rhythms take on a dreamy tribal quality, hand drums softening the digital elements, spacey drones and sweeps of tone dancing lazily in time.

I have the CD wallet presentation of Physical Moments. The front cover well captures something of the music - loose globular forms in abstract relation and of vivid hue apparently rolling in grand unity. The rear cover provides a tracklist wound into a tight spiral, with brief credits. Here too at the foot of the panel are website details and contact information.

A.i.A is new Greek ambient-downtempo group from brothers Konstantinos and Nassos Kousouris. The duo present their debut album here via Dutch independent label Ajana Records, eleven tracks running from around three and a half minutes up to almost ten. Claiming influences within chill out, dub, ambient, downtempo, IDM, electronic, triphop, trance, techno, ebm, industrial, goth, psychedelic rock, the duo take a fairly open approach to their compositions resulting in a unique signature sound. Promotional material explains that A.i.A. began producing their own music subsequent to travelling around the world and enjoying many open-air festivals and collecting music. The Physical Moments album is described as a product of half live composition and half studio recorded content.

Chill/worldbeat/ambient/electronica info hub

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