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Frechbax - Frech
Catalogue nr.: AJACD002
Releasedate: 01-08-2005
EAN code:4260089560031
Artwork by Dreampaint

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Frechbax is the solo project of Sebastian Auer, born in 1982 and living in Germany next to the swiss border. This is also where his "roots" in trance started when visiting psytrance parties in Switzerland. He is djing since 2000 and one year later he started producing his own music. Soon after he played his first live act and since 2002 he is performing live frequently in Germany and Switzerland.

Frechbax debut album “Frech”…….

..a time of dedicated work lies behind the production of this cd with funky beats and groovy basslines.

His music can be described as minimal progressive style with
psychedelic influences. The sound has a catchy and deep bass line followed by intriguing sound and voice samples. The melodies take you on a deep trip into progressive music.
The album has the full dancefloor potention and is also great to play at home especially in a warm summer.
“Frech” will get you to swing and is very enjoyable.

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