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Various - Materia Musica
Catalogue nr.: AJACD009
Media Format: Double Audio CD / Jewel case
Releasedate: 04-04-2008
EAN code: 4260089560215
Compiled by Mouka
Mastering by Anders Peterson
Artwork by Dreampaint
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Materia Musica

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Ajana Records is proud to announce the compilation Materia Musica. This time the journey continues with new tracks, a new concept and philosophy. Ajana is known for the quality in selecting the finest ambient, psy/chill out music, so this time we have the pleasure to hear exclusively 21 tracks split into two cd’s. We go further and deeper in what we achieved in the Magical Journey series and bringing new and fresh music from known and established artists such as Capsula, Chronos, Xerxes and many more accompied with new promising upcoming artists from all over the world.

Musically speaking the concept of Materia Musica is in it's layout of the tracks. The first cd contains tracks that are more atmospheric music, made for home listening and feeding the mind and the soul, deep spacey ambient music, while the second cd contains tracks that have more uplifting style and makes the listener dance and beep up to the sound. The compilation unfolds itself with a series of carefully selected tracks of imaginative travelling trough the sounds of psychedelic chill out music, mind scape atmospheric downbeat music and classical ethno ambient music. Overall this is a genuine compilation for the body and the soul, filling you with warm emotions and positive energy.

Materia Musica will satisfy all of those restless listeners that are looking for something new and innovative with a strong touch of psychedelic taste in the background aimed for home listening and also for those late night travellers through sound and space.

Style: ambient, chill out, breakbeat

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