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Catalogue nr.: AJACD010
Media Format: Audio CD, limited edition 150 copies, carton sleeve
Releasedate: 26 June 2009
EAN code: 4260089560222
w&p by Konstantinos and Nassos Kousouris
Mastering by
Distribution: Ajana Records
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A.I.A. - Physical Moments

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Ambient Intelligent Application (A.I.A.) is an upcoming ambient-electronic group exploring new atmospheric paths. With many influences from various kinds of music and other groups (chill out, dub, ambient, downtempo, IDM, electronic, triphop, trance, techno, ebm, industrial, goth, psychedelic rock...), travelling around the world and enjoying many open-air festivals A.IA. started producing music. The ‘‘Physical Moments’’ album is half live composed and recorded. Inserting in a world of digital/analog, virtual and hardware situations, this album descripes these moments...

The A.I.A group is the project of two brothers (writing, producing, djing,...) which started from collecting music. Being in festivals around the world, they found themselves writing & producing music. Understanding the music theory through systems & signals, music informatics, waves & fields helped them to see musical theory as a part and as a whole of sound. Also their studies guided them to know functions of the main algorithms which are used in nowadays music programs & synthesizers, important for creating music. From this link between theory and practice A.i.A. (ambient intelligent application) was born.

Style: electronic-ambient

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