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Chronos & C.J. Catalizer - Quid est Veritas?
Catalogue nr.: AJACD011
Media Format: Audio CD | Jewel case | 12 page full colour booklet | 700 units pressed
Releasedate: June 5, 2009
EAN code: 4260089560246
Mastering by Huby Sea @ Ultimae Studios
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We give away the Spiral Clouds (Kumharas Edit) track for free in mp3/320kb/s format, enjoy!

Chronos & C.J. Catalizer

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It took a while but finally it is coming, the second album by Chronos and C.J. Catalizer. Quid est Veritas? is a beautiful 11 track album. The album is coming with a 12 page booklet, each song has its own page.

When Chronos met C.J. Catlizer they asked themselves 'What is Truthfulness?'

In 2007 and 2008 Nick Klimenko and Dimitriy Neschadim formed a duo and composed an album with ambient, ethnic influences and chillout trance vibrations. 'Quid est Veritas?' is the musical outcome of an intensive cooperation, 11 tracks build upon etnic rythyms and influences of ancient cultures.

Their inspiration is coming from traveling, meditation and sacral & esoterical ideas. Music & people are combined in one source of vision & slogan - "Music for the awakening consciousness"

Chronos is usually portrayed through an old, wise man with a long, gray beard, such as "Father Time." 'Quid est Veritas? is a musical journey through eternal time with strong vibes.

Style: ambient, chill out


Morpheus review:

Melodic downtempo trance and chillout instrumentals with global enhancements. Quid Est Veritas is a deliciously smooth album of ethno-electronica - the rich sonic palette maintaining a liquid-silky polish from start to finish. The synth work here is especially fine; delicate melodic phrases rise out of bubbling sequencer cycles and airy pads often with striking beauty and with an almost constant sense of bliss. The largely programmed beats fuse naturally in places with international grooves and hand drumming; arpeggiated basses, chime patterns and burbling synths rippling in rhythmic accord. The most evident world sounds across the album are vocal: meditative Indian utterances and lively drum talk; female wails and soaring operatics; brooding monk chants, spoken voices and transmission fragments. The other primary organic sound being the flute - a variety of lush breathy phrases and brief touches from different continents and cultures bringing a heady mystique or wistful colour. Field recordings are also utilised in places to powerful effect - passing footfalls, environmental sounds and locational cues.

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