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Catalogue nr.: AJACD012
Media Format: Audio CD | Digifile | 500 units pressed
Releasedate: 23 April 2010
EAN code: 4260089560260
Mastering by Vincent Villuis
Artwork by Laurent Antonini (Dreampaint)
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Free download for you in mp3 320 kb/s: Psyfactor - Flying Dolphins

Psyfactor - Futurised

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1.Discovering andromeda (5:38)
2.Flying dolphins (7:23)
3.Are we alone (6:12)
4.Futurised (6:27)
5.In space (6:00)
6.Above and beyond (7:45)
7.Cassiopeya (6:55)
8.Over the edge (6:53)
9.Back in time (5:52)
10.Purple sky (6:37)
11.Neptune waves (5:58)
12.Out of this world (5:28)

Tracklist with player

I am very pleased to tell that we are finally going to make it. Coming up this spring on Ajana Records the second downbeat album 'Futurised' from Psyfactor.

The album is a 12 track journey traveling from earth through space and back. Dmitry worked throughout 2009 on this album to make this album filled with psychilled music. It will be his 4th album so far, 2 psytrance - and 2 psychill albums. Short soundsamples are up and soon I will make some longer samples and give one track for free as mp3 audiofile. Will keep you posted on the final releasedate and for more audio sampling.

Style: Psychill uptempo

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