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Capsula - Synthesis of reality AJACD003
Review, written by Paul


Psychedelic downtempo trance. The album opens with a female voice bemoaning "I don't know who I am," quickly progressing into a frenetic collage of synthetic ephemera in all manner of sonic shapes and sizes. Sequenced phrases, voice samples, squirting-echoing effects and strong rhythms are propelled by bright basses and busy percussion patterns - all stirred into a heady electronic brew. Capsula is not really into melodies you can hum - his creations are more of a dizzying auditory experience. There are a lot of staccato sounds on the top level - gated, generated rapid-fire, repeated, delayed - all adding to the complexity of the mix. On the other hand there are a few more organic sound sources such as the oriental violin on 'Human Mentality' laid out alongside an eastern scale, juxtaposed to the squeal of computer created effects.


Colourful and hypnotic, Synthesis of Reality presents myriad swirling minutia where fleeting spoken extracts float disembodied through the music like random thoughts drifting up from the subconscious. Reality is presented as a dream from which we are encouraged not to wake up - just one aspect of a cluster of consecutive worlds.


In synch with the music, the artwork is a busy synthetic collage - a broken capsule spills white granules from which spring fantastic growths that burgeon out to become fractal spirals and webs. Butterflies flit across the surface of the front cover whilst a colourful laboratory adorns the reverse - doubtless in the process of synthesising an alternate dream-reality. Within, two spread palms offer a computer-generated vista as backdrop to a manifesto based of the ideas of Carlos Castaneda.


Capsula is Yosi Shamay a young music producer from Israel. This is his debut album released on Ajana Records. Capsula will not be a new name to chillout fans having released tracks earlier in the year on Peak Records and Ajana Records. Clearly a CD offering food for thought - Synthesis of Reality includes the voices of Allan Watts, Art Bell, David Icke and Terrence McKenna.

Who wil like this album

If you enjoyed the Capsula tracks on earlier compilations - this album solidifies that distinct style nicely. Chillout music with plenty to hold the attention - downtempo, but very buoyant.

Chill/worldbeat/ambient/electronica info hub

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