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Various - A Magical Journey 2 AJACD005
A Magical Journey 2
Review, written by Naasko, Morpheus Music


Deep, dark, and laced with mysterious atmospheres, the first half of A Magical Journey 2 is an evocative tapestry of imaginative explorations into classic psy-chill. From the etheric lead-in track 'Nabuconodosor' we are lead beyond the familiar into subterranean territory before surfacing at the delicately crafted piece 'Sky Path'. From here the journey dips below the surface into a haunting but gentle psIDM interlude which flows onwards into an open space of more upbeat elements and building cascades of emotive synth melodies and organic accents.


Adventurous while still being laidback this collection of tracks offers several peripheral journeys into the wide open terrain of downtempo music. There's plenty for senses here, ranging from quasi-shamanic, meditative spaces to blissed out, floating moments with much in the way of abstract form and texture in between.


The front cover is a panoramic look across a watery surface to the ghats and white templescape of an Indian city reminiscent of Pushkar in Rajasthan. Inside we find the tracklist and credits layered over a greenly treed countryside setting with further images of the surrounds making up the back tray panels.


Ajana Records have defined their sound with this second chill out release. Overall, a vibrant, and sometimes edgy, odyssey of Goa-influenced ambient trance, this compilation brings together label artists along with some new talent to the chill out scene. Highlights include the opening track by Electrypnose vs. Ecalypt, 'Technical Illusions' by Unstable Elements and 'Dice Man' by Capsula who released his full length album with Ajana in late 2005.

Who will like this album

A Magical Journey 2 is sure to appeal to fans of the first volume in the series and aficionados of the Ultimae Records' Fahrenheit compilations. Well-suited to those seeking a good dose of psychedelia with their chilled moments this album, as the title suggests, sets the space for late-night reclining into a visually rich world of rhythm and sound.

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