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Psyfactor - Futurised, AJACD012
Psyfactor - Futurised
Review, Written by Paul, Morpheusmusic

Lush, spacey electronica. Psyfactor looks outward once more on this new twelve track release, the composition titles giving a clear idea of the musical direction: Discovering Andromeda, In Space, Cassiopeya, Neptune's Waves. Here smooth pads and lustrous washes form colourful canvases for crystalline sequences and tinkling lattice works. Beats are vigorous and dynamic programmed affairs running a fairly high bpm for a chill album. Psyfactor uses the varying beats and rhythms of the music to hold the attention as much as the melody; percussive grooves layer and alternate with arpeggio forms bristling with sparkling effects, buzzing, electro bass lines rippling beneath. Frequently these driving regularities break apart into gleaming atmospheric expanses where the softness and liquid clarity of the synths can be appreciated by contrast.

Futurised comes in a sharp, glossy two panel card wallet - no unpleasant plastic - disc neatly held in a simple pocket within. The front cover image is of a glassy fractal helix made up of myriad bubbles rising from a dense orange cloud mass into a bright sky. There above the cloud a beaming star illuminates distant planets partly obscured by immense distance. This design runs across both front and back panels, the rear section holding the tracklist with times alongside. The briefest of credits are here too as well as the Ajana website address. Inside the space is text free - the orange sky of the outer cover here leading down to the surface of a planet where alien foliage stretches upward unfettered.

Futurised is the second chilled album from Russian chill artist Dmitri Korablin in his role as Psyfactor, the previous Endless Universe having been released on the same Ajana label back in 2006. This latest offering is billed by Ajana Records as a 'psychill' album - and despite being loosely catagorised as chillout, the music is relatively uptempo, although clearly less so than Dmitri's other two uncompromising psytrance releases. There are sound samples of all the tracks to explore at Ajana if should wish to listen to the music there, as well as one free track to download. The digifile version of Futurised comes as limited edition of only 500 copies, so you might want to make a decision on this one relatively quickly.

Chill/worldbeat/ambient/electronica info hub

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